Documents required for file a new Pat./UM Applications or Design Application in Bulgaria:

  • The name and address (incl. nationality/residence) of the Applicants.
  • The name and address (incl. nationality) of each inventors.
  • Power of Attorney duly signed by the Applicant and the company’s seal or stamp. Legalization is not required.
  • English version of description, claims, abstract and drawings (if any).
  • If priority is claimed - priority certificate of the basic application issued by the respective Patent Office.
Documents requires for a new Trademark Application in Bulgaria:
  • Applicant’s name, address and nationality
  • Power of Attorney duly signed by the Applicant. Please make sure that name and position in the company of the person authorized to sign are indicated and also provide the Power with the company’s stamp.
  • prints - 7 x 7 maximal
  • if priority is claimed, the priority certificate issued by the respective P.O.
  • Specification of goods/services, for which the registration of the mark is to be upheld, classified according to the 8th edition of the International Classification of Goods and Services.