Dipl. Eng. Neyko Neykov

Patent Attorney No 12 before BG Patent Office

Trade Mark Attorney No 12 before BG Patent Ofice

European Patent Attorney No 120040 before EPO

EDUCATION: 1974-1980 Engineer electro/mechanic - Mining & Geology, University of Sofia, Bulgaria

1983-1985 Patent Specialist Technical University, Sofia, BG

April 1996 EPO and the European Patent, Berlin, Germany

PROFESSIONAL: 1980 –1984 – Chief of Dept.”Repair and support of mechanics”in Uranium Plant – Bulgaria.

1984 – 1993 – Service as State (subject-matter) examiner in Department “Mechanics” in the field of mining and geology device and methods, Railway machines, Guns, State Examiner in Dept. “Examination of Trade Mark”

1993 - Industrial Property Representative (Patent & Trade Mark Attorney under art.3 of the New BG Patent Law, Trade Mark Law)

SOCIAL STATUS: Married with two children

MEMBERSHIP: Association of the BG Patent Attorney Chamber of Patent Attorney

Member of EPI

I am an intellectual property attorney specializing in patents, trademarks, copyrights and related subject matters. I represent clients in litigation. I enforce the intellectual property rights of my clients or defend clients from claims that they have infringed someone else's rights. I have litigated numerous cases in a wide variety of subject areas -- counterfeiting, trademark infringement, unfair or deceptive advertising, copyright infringement, unfair competition, dilution and patent infringement.

Additional issues that arise in intellectual property litigation include personal liability for acts of infringement, tortious interference with business or contractual relations, theft of trade secrets, rights of publicity and privacy, etc. I have been practicing patent &trade mark law for about ten years in Bulgarian Patent Office as State Expert in department “Examination”, where I examined over 850 patent application, most of which where in the mechanical and electrical. From 1993, I founded Patent/trade mark law company “NIKOPATENT”, which is specializes in intellectual property law.

I have represented my clients in a variety of industries including sports and entertainment, publishing/media, clothing, consumer products, machine construction, mining technology, guns, telecommunications, mobile communications, computer technology/software. Representing an internet service provider and telecommunications company keeps me up to date on the latest in information technology, an area that I particularly enjoy. I find that being computer literate is extremely important to my practice, since many challenging intellectual property law issues that I face involve the new technologies -- such as issues regarding copyright and trademark infringement on the internet. In addition to litigation, my practice includes the representation of clients in licensing and other transactions drafting confidentiality agreements, and non-disclosure agreements.

My work also includes advising clients on the acquisition of patents, trademarks and copyrights. I have a great deal of experience evaluating the availability and use of trademarks and reviewing a client's intellectual property to determine what can be protected and what should be registered with the copyright and trademark offices. I also advise clients about the acquisition of intellectual property and the due diligence involved when such acquisitions occur. I have experience in dealing with other technical subject areas, and have provided clients with infringement opinions and patentability opinions

. If you need legal counsel or if you just have a legal question, give me a call. If I cannot help you with your question, I can direct you to someone who can.

Our office number is + 359 2 958 4675 or GSM - +359 888 26 07 26

We are looking forward to hear from you.

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